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American Custom Rifles - Custom Rifle Import & Export

Your Source For America's Premium Bolt Action Rifles

American Custom Rifles has compiled the Greatest Rifle Builders in America onto one web platform making ordering a Rifle through American Custom Rifles a simple process no matter where in the World you Live. You can learn more About Us Here, or learn more about our Rifle Builders Here.

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Custom Rifle Exports

At American Custom Rifles we make the complicated process of ordering and exporting American Made Custom Rifles easy and hassle free for our International Customers. Below is the step by step ordering process. If you have any questions please Contact Us.

Choosing Your Custom Rifle

What is your primary reason for purchasing a New Custom Bolt Action Rifle? Hunting or Competition, Maybe both? If you have an upcoming Ibex or Chamois Hunt for example you may want a rifle that is lightweight and easy to carry. For competition shooting you may want something entirely different. That is why we are here, to help you through these decisions. What is the best Rifle for you? Call or email us today so our team of highly qualified Long-Range Shooting Professionals can help answer that question for you.

Ordering an American Custom Rifle

Once you have chosen your New Custom Bolt Action Rifle and all add-on Accessories, you will then be ready to place your order. Our Team at American Custom Rifles is in direct communication with all of our Rifle Builders so we take the guesswork out of how to order your new Custom Bolt Action Rifle. You will receive an invoice for a 50% deposit from American Custom Rifles which you may pay with either a Credit Card or Wire Transfer. Once your deposit has been received, your rifle order will be placed with the Rifle Manufacturer of your choice. When your rifle build is complete, the remaining invoice balance will be due. All rifle orders will be paid in full before shipping.

Exporting Your Rifle (For International Customers)

American Custom Rifles has over a Decade of International Firearm Export Experience. We export to all corners of the world and have an extensive International Firearms Dealer Network that we work with to handle the importing of your Rifle. We take care of all of the necessary Export and Shipping docs making this part of the process simple and worry free. 

Receiving your rifle and taking it to the field

Whether you have an upcoming Hunt for Desert Big Horn Sheep on Tiberon or are competing in the Precision Rifle Series we will fit you with the perfect Rifle. The Team at American Custom Rifles is dedicated and skilled, we want to put a Brand-New American Made Custom Bolt Action Rifle in your hands no matter where you live in the world.

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